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Your Support Matters


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157 Straight Spouse Network Support Group Facilitators and Support Contacts are on call all day, every day. They are passionate volunteers dedicated to helping other Straight Spouses. In November 2016 we had 200 people who reached out to us. An estimated 100,000 people visited our website last year.


Our Board of Directors has brought on new members and the Staff has a new Communications Director. Things are moving forward at a new, enlivened pace. We are increasing our public presence and communications. Those efforts help society understand the serious nature of the Straight Spouse Experience.  

Even though the Straight Spouse phenomenon is gaining more attention in the media, there are still people whose erroneous beliefs and homophobia are a dangerous influence, including those who are fighting  against same-sex marriage. As long as LGBT people are suppressed, some will continue to marry  - and create - more Straight Spouses. We need to be there for them and we need to continue being advocates for change.  

Maybe one day we will no longer need to ask for help. But as long as the fight is still on, we need you as much as all the Straight Spouses out there need us. So if you can donate, please do! And please, all of you, talk about the Straight Spouse Network to family, friends, business associates and even strangers whenever you have the opportunity. 



Thank You!

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Checks - send to: Straight Spouse Network, P.O. Box 4985, Chicago, IL 60680

The Straight Spouse Network is a 501(c) (3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

"When I realized my husband was gay, time stopped, my heart stopped, life as I knew it was over. Despair was destroying my will to go on. And then I found the Straight Spouse Network, I woke up from the bad dream. All the voices in my head became real people sharing the same voice...." L.E.
One Voice, One Group of Dedicated Volunteers, One Straight Spouse Network to Help You Survive