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Dear Friends,

You came to the Straight Spouse Network first when you found out your spouse was LGBTQ. Thank you for that incredible act of trust at a time when you were most vulnerable. Now we come to you, humbly, to ask for your help in return. Will you consider paying it forward for the next person who is struggling with all the issues around having an LGBTQ spouse or partner? Will you consider making a gift?

Because of you, the Straight Spouse Network was there to save me
. Thank you. On my husband’s birthday in 2009 I found a text message, “Did you get home ok?” on his phone. That sounds innocent enough, but…you know it wasn’t! I found out ‘Bud’ was a 23-year old guy who danced in gay bars. And he had a pregnant wife at home! Two days later I found the Straight Spouse Network. They  saved my life. I was paired with a Straight Spouse Network volunteer who helped me work through the despair and hopelessness. We are not alone.
As you read this letter, people around the world are crying out for help and are searching for the Straight Spouse Network. Each year we receive over 2,000 requests for help. Over the past five years, that is an increase of nearly 300%. We provide peer-to-peer support worldwide. We connect Straight Spouses with experienced volunteers who have also discovered that their spouses are LGBTQ.
The support our volunteers provide is at the heart of our work. Yes, we are a non-profit, but there are expenses we must meet, primarily for technology and staff.  To make their efforts successful, we need a staff to provide up-to-date resources, facilitator training, an on-line presence, communication services, and organizational operations.

Your gift of $10 or more a month, or an annual gift, will help Straight Spouses find the connections they desperately seek. You know what they are going through. If we have helped you, or someone you love, and you're able, please consider paying it forward.

Respectfully yours,




Stephanie M. Skylar, Executive Director
Straight Spouse Network

Contribute directly from your bank account (ACH) or with your credit card. Donation are processed through PCI Compliant Security. 
Send Checks to: Straight Spouse NetworkP.O. Box 4985, Chicago, IL 60680
Be sure to include your street address, phone number and email address so we can send you a receipt and thank you! 

The Straight Spouse Network is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Copyright © 2018 • Straight Spouse Network, All rights reserved.




A few of the thousands of
messages we get:

“I need to talk to someone who understands what is happening to me – my husband says he is transgender. I’m just dealing with discovering all of this…”

“I am so confused and hurt. My wife says she is bisexual, or maybe a lesbian. I am so lost. Is there someone I can talk to?”

“I am a straight woman. My husband left me. He is with men. We have four kids...I am not coping well. I need to talk to other people who have gone through this.”

Support That Works

“The Straight Spouse Network saved my life. They gave me a place to breathe, where I discovered that I was going to survive this, because people were there to make sure I did. 'Baby steps. Be sure to breathe, Take care of You'. No one else in my life was saying those things to me. I needed those reminders then...and still need them even now. And I get them from the Straight Spouse Network.“ – Betty W.

“My ex-husband announced he was transitioning his gender. I was devastated. When I found the Straight Spouse Network, it was a relief to see there were others in the same situation. The community is non-judgmental, regardless of where the spouse is in the process.”  – Suzy C. - Now a volunteer who supports other spouses of trangender mates.

“I’m grateful to the Straight Spouse Network for being there for me at a time I didn’t know where to turn. Connecting with others struggling through similar upheaval was a big first step for me. I was so distraught that I couldn’t make it through the door to my first meeting, but the Straight Spouse Network  was there for me ... I regained my footing.” – Laura Long