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There hasn’t been this much invigorating world news like we’ve had this past week for quite some time. The Confederate flag came down, the Affordable Care Act was secured, and finally, same-sex marriage was approved for every state in the union. All three decisions reflect this country’s desire to reject bigotry and embrace one another for who we truly are as individuals.

The United States Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage not only means emancipation for gay and lesbian couples; hopefully, this landmark decision will lead closeted people away from marrying straights as well as making the path out of that closet less challenging.

Back on November 8, 2006, The Straight Spouse Network confirmed this policy: “The Straight Spouse Network supports the legal right of any adult to form a marital union, with all its rights and responsibilities, with a chosen partner of the same sex, rather than struggle to fit the mold of a heterosexual marriage in which everyone involved gets hurt. From the straight spouse’s perspective, codifying marriage as legal only if it is between a man and a woman, as has been proposed or passed in constitutional amendments across the country, serves to perpetuate hurtful consequences and pain for gay, lesbian, and bisexual spouses, straight spouses, and their children.”

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision, there are still groups and individuals who will never agree with or accept the concept of same sex attraction let alone marriage. However, this is certainly a major step in the right direction. Some religions have stated they will not perform same sex marital ceremonies. Wrong or right, they are entitled to their opinions. There are plenty of progressive, bright clergy members who will be more than happy to officiate at and celebrate all marital unions.

While most of us are rejoicing, there are some straight spouses who may feel angry or ambivalent toward the rights of same sex couples. The scars run deep when people feel they’ve been betrayed. But, we all need to consider the bigger picture. Only time will tell how this leap forward in society may affect the straight spouse phenomenon. Will the number of gays and lesbians who stay closeted and marry straights begin to decrease? Will LGBT people, married or not, feel more encouraged to come out? Our great hope is that marriage equality will stimulate significant societal changes which will ultimately result in less people having to find the Straight Spouse Network.