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Our Monthly Dashboard of Information

You might not have noticed, but we’re making sure that you know what we are doing here at the Straight Spouse Network.  We have a monthly dashboard on our website, which tells you the latest information about our projects, fundraising, and the number of people our volunteers help each month.

Take a look at our statistics for what we call triage. That is our first response when a straight spouse contacts us for support. WE ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD. We are men and women, in every state, and in many different countries.

Did you think you were alone, when you found out that your husband or wife wanted to have sex with a partner of the same gender, or was transgender? Well, you are not.  The experience of being a straight spouse is a global phenomenon.

On this dashboard section of the website, you will also find our profit and loss statement.  In the future you will find a budget, and updates on our projects and fundraisers.

We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of people who contact us for help, usually shortly after they discover their spouse is LGBTQ. It’s time for folks to see how big a need there is, and that we are not alone.

We welcome your suggestions for projects, your input, and your ideas and questions. Please send your feedback to Stephanie Skylar, Executive Director.

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