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Books for Children

If you have suggestions of other books that have been helpful to your children, please let us know using our Contact Us form.

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'Is Your Family Like Mine?' by Lois Abramchik. Ages 4-8. This book talks about a diversity of families in a multicultural setting.

'Boy's Best Friend' by Joan Alden. Ages 4-8. Will, who has asthma, has to defend his toy dog from some bullies . . .

This situation helps him to understand what his lesbian mother means when she emphasizes that if you don't mind your difference it stops being a problem and becomes your distinction.

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'Jenny Lives With Eric and Martin' by Susanne Bösche. Ages 8-12. This story is about a day in the life of a young girl, her gay father and his partner.

'Generous Jefferson Bartleby Jones' by Forman Brown - Ages 9-12. This story is about a boy who feels lucky to have two dads.

He "loans" his dads out to friends. One day he accidentally "loans" them both out, finding himself alone.

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