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Straight Spouse Network Dashboard

2017 Notes from
Stephanie Skylar,
Executive Director

Thank you for taking a look at our new dashboard. We will be publishing our financial information monthly.

We have recently acquired two computer programs - first is QuickBooks for accounting, and second is Donor Perfect which is a database software. These programs are paid for with a technology grant. 

As you can see in our financial statements we run a shoe-string operation. Our paid staff is small and paid very modestly.  The amounts change from month to month based on the projects we are working on.

I am preparing a 2018 budget to share with our board and then our constituents. This will be my first time preparing a budget for SSN and I am looking at all our costs carefully. The majority of our operating costs are staff, professional fees (accounting and IT), and technology. 

We have quarterly donation campaigns and are always seeking grants. The numbers of people asking for help is growing. We will top 3000 in 2017. (See request for support link above) There are more projects we want to do but need to raise money. An example of this is holding video town hall type training for straights facilitators and contacts. I would also like to have SSN produce videos for newbies so they know they are not alone in this struggle. We also have a hard working staff and I feel strongly certain volunteer positions should receive a stipend. 

Thanks for listening. As always, please send your feedback to

Stephanie M. Skylar, Executive Director
Straight Spouse Network

The Straight Spouse Network is a 501(c) (3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Profit and Loss Statement click  Dashboard Report Feb 2018 Dashboard Report
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Where Contributions Go

We currently have two paid positions: web/data/facilitator director & communications director. Staff puts in far more volunteer hours than those for which they are paid. Our executive director; support services, triage and phone support directors are all volunteer positions at this time.

• Directors and officers insurance and general liability insurance
• Part-time accountant for IRS 990 tax filing.
• Technology costs - database software, website hosting, email servers, conferencing tools etc.
• Responses to 3000 (average) requests for help each year.
• Blogposts, Press releases, Facebook groups, social media communications efforts
• Volunteer training development and tech services i.e. video conferencing and YouTube
• Maintenance of this website, which contains incredible amounts of information requiring constant updates 
• Production and editing of monthly News Blast and quarterly News&Notes
• Maintenance of communication services for board, facilitators, contacts and staff
• Responses to media inquiries for speakers
• Post office box rental