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We’ve Been Busy

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

Its been a busy month in the news for women who discovered they were married to gay men.  Take a look at our Facebook page this month, and you will find all sorts of stories.  Charlotte Rae, the house mother on Facts of Life, disclosed in her autobiography that she divorced her husband in 1975, after 25 years of marriage, because she learned he was gay.  Chinese courts are considering allowing women who are married to gay men to have their marriages annulled.  Cosmopolitan ran an article “I Married My Gay Best Friend“.  Huffpost Live featured Amity Buxton and others in an illuminating discussion about what happens when the gay husband leaves the marriage. And just this week, Judge Alex repeated a two part episode featuring a straight woman who had not known her husband was gay, even though they had been friends since adolescence.

Its very clear that the media is starting to notice the phenomenon of gay people marrying straight people, and all the different scenarios and outcomes.  There dont appear to be many mainstream media pieces about straight men who marry lesbians, but at least the topic is being recognized.  And its not just in the USA and Canada!  This phenomenon is truly global.

In the land down under, the Straight Spouse Network has an active network throughout Australia and New Zealand.  This is due in large part to the efforts of leaders Hannah and Michael, a married couple who were the straight spouses in their previous marriages.  At the beginning of January, they were featured prominently in Australia’s popular Take 5 Magazine.  It’s a nice look at how “happily ever after” can happen even in the midst of a devastating experience.  Its great to have two people who help so many others get some recognition!

The Straight Spouse Network is the only international support group for heterosexual people who are or were coupled with someone who is LGBT.  We are here for you whether you are married, divorced, never married, staying together, split apart, male, female, young, old, around the globe.  Check out the media in these links, and then share your story with us.  We are here to listen and understand.

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