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The Year That Was

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Blog | 3 comments

By Tara Lowney
The year that was
       shadowed by
        fears and pain
       dotted with
        crossroads and choices….
Words were said
   destroying what I believed…
The power of those words
   changed me…
   shattered who I was….
            Someone who settled
              out of fear…
Fear of the unknown,
    fear of the solitude,
     fear of the what now?
     I stood
       What next?
     Knowing there is a
                   that haunts me
           how do I face the
                   that beckons me….
Waiting at the crossroads
   for me to catch up
  a hand is held out…
      reminding me it’s not that far
    a journey together…
   Begin anew
      or continue to live with the shadows?
   Accept what others see
      or continue to believe the doubts are truths?
Chained to those fears
    fearing judgement
     as you move forward,
        opening up,
        reaching out
    fearing acceptance
     as hope and reassurances
     soothe your worries…
Tied to those fears
     you struggle
      to let go,
       to push forward,
        to trust
To begin
   to live the year that’s now…
From “Life After, Forever ” a collection of poems by Tara Lowney
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