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The Smart Divorce and Straight Spouses

Posted by on Mar 9, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

We’d like to thank Deborah Moskovitch, author of The Smart Divorce, for her recent article in Huffington Post about straight spouses and healing. She extensively quoted Amity Buxton, and Amity’s research findings about the stages of our recovery, and the time involved. She further stated that she intends to apply Amity’s research to her own counseling practice.

Its so difficult for many of us to find a good competent therapist who is willing to work with us on all our issues, including the process of emotional and sexual recovery directly caused by being married to someone who is not heterosexual.  We are very encouraged that Deborah has posted these six stages of recovery, and hope that other marriage counselors and therapists will see them and learn.

We’re also encouraged by the active discussion that follows the article.  Much of it as usual is about being gay, or how gay people are perceived – but there are a few nuggets in there about us as well, and how we are impacted.

Deborah also interviewed Amity on her program The Smart Divorce  on Divorce Source Radio.

We are appreciative that this resource for therapists is so accessible.  We suggest that if anyone is dealing with a therapist who seems to not have much experience with mixed orientation couples or straight spouses, Deborah’s article and the interview are a great resource to share.

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