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Not Laughing at This Punch Line

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

By Cathy Wos

Fran Drescher revealed to In Touch Weekly that her ex-husband is gay. One blogger claimed that her annoying voice drove him to homosexuality
I understand that this was the writer’s attempt at humor, but forgive me if it left me feeling chafed.

How many times have I heard something similar? I did X to make my husband gay or Y drove him to homosexuality. My snarky response has always been that I am so awesome I made my husband straight for 12 years.  How could I not know he was gay? My response: why shouldn’t I believe he was straight, since that was the way he portrayed himself to the entire world for his entire life?

Fran had this to say about her ex-husband: “I feel so blessed to have met each other and to still have a caring, loving relationship. Love is what we’re all about… We went through a lot together.”  It may seem to the public that this was just a blip on her radar, but it should also be pointed out that they were married for over two decades and she has probably had a decade to process  this.

I have been fortunate enough to maintain a loving friendship with my ex-husband. This would not have occurred if it weren’t for the integrity he showed pre and post-disclosure. Like Drescher, I am a proponent of  same-sex marriage and I gave away my ex at his commitment ceremony. But  it would be disingenuous of me to claim it didn’t hurt like hell at the time.  Without the loving support of the Straight Spouse Network, I may not have  reached this point.

Fran Drescher may be a comedienne, but in this instance I refuse to let her be a punch line.

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