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Our Independence: Freedom to Help

Posted by on Jul 4, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Independence Day in the United States is a family and community celebration of the nation’s freedom and independence.  It is also an occasion for many people to take stock of their personal freedom, their own independence, and measure how far they have come, and what they must do to continue on their own personal freedom trail.

For the straight spouse, that can mean a lot of things.  It can mean remembering the day of discovery or disclosure, and marking all the milestones that have happened in between the darkness of deception and the sometimes blinding light of truth.

We honor the day that we took the steps of freeing ourselves, whether we stay married or divorce.  We honor the day that open communication involved us too, asserting our own needs and perceptions.  We honor the day that we stopped keeping someone else’s secret, or the day we came to a workable agreement how that secret should be shared.  We honor the day we ceased to be disgraced by someone else’s behavior.  We honor the day we became more savvy about money, and started asking the right questions.

We honor our strength, our forbearance, our graces.  We honor those who helped us, listened to us, stayed up nights talking to us so we knew we were not alone.

The Straight Spouse Network has a type of independence day planned all month long.  We are in the running for two grants from large corporations, which will help us get the word out.  They’ll help us continue.

All we need from every single person we have ever helped, including gay spouses and family, is a vote.  Vote for us to win a Pepsi Refresh Grant of $25,000.  You can vote every day of the month of July for this.

Also, up until July 13, if you are on Facebook, you can vote for us to be among the top 200 charities for Chase Giving.  We’ll get a pile of money for that too.  That will free us from having to decide which of our many outreaches to scrap, free us to help more people.  The instructions for voting on Chase are here. You can keep your vote private on both sites if you and your family are not completely out of the closet yet.

We need the help of each and every one of you reading this.  Together we are strong.

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