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We Need More Money Than a Blind Cat

Posted by on Jun 2, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

OK we admit it. We’re not as cute as blind cats.

We are not going to shelter the world underground in 2012 or whenever the next disaster hits.

We’re not building playgrounds, sending wheelchairs to children in the jungle, or giving teddy bears to tornado victims. But, gosh darn it, people LIKE us here at the Straight Spouse Network.

And now we want you to like us enough that we get $25000 from Pepsi to fulfill our goal of having a real live group of speakers to talk about helping straight spouses wherever anyone wants to listen. We need the money for the recruitment, training, promotion and travel of speakers who can and will tell our story our way. People who know how to communicate our story to the media.  People who the media can and will call on.

Imagine, people on TV telling our varied stories for more than a few minutes on some talk show where people actually listen and ask questions. Imagine that information about where someone struggling with the discovery or disclosure of a gay spouse can turn for help actually gets on the air! Imagine, local community centers or church groups would actually have someone available to talk to them about our real, ongoing and complicated lives as part of a mixed orientation family – most of us are divorced, yes, but like many divorced couples, we are still family when it comes to the parenting of our children. Imagine – you tell your friends finally about the reason your marriage split up, and hey, they actually met a real live person at some event SPEAKING about how this feels, how to help, what to do. Imagine, a gay rights group gets to hear someone who is confident, prepared, and honest discuss the very real effect of coming out on our lives, and the closets we are often consigned to. Imagine. Someone besides you has actually heard of this happening. Someone is speaking publicly about it, without fear, and without pushing anyone else’s politics, faith, or social agenda. Several someones in fact. Men and women of all races and creeds and cultures.

OK, do more than imagine. Go to Facebook, and vote for us on the Pepsi Refresh page. This is important – vote for us EVERY DAY.


Tell 10 of your friends to do the same. Tell them to tell their friends. You’ll be amazed – gosh, even if they don’t know that YOU’RE a straight spouse, they probably know somebody like that…… You can also like the Straight Spouse Network on Facebook while you’re there. We’re very likable.

If this voting sounds familiar, its because we tried to get this grant last year. We just did not have enough people voting. More people were interested in helping blind cats than in helping us.

You don’t have to tell people the reason why you voted for us. Say its for one of the girls at work, or one of the guys in your running club, a neighbor of someone you carpool with. But vote. You don’t need to apologize for it. You can register through the Pepsi site, so it never shows up on your Facebook newsfeed.

You can also get some extra votes by entering codes from specially marked Pepsi bottle caps, up to five extra codes a day. With those codes, you can vote for us FIVE TIMES A DAY. Don’t have a code? Well, not to worry. Someone will probably share one with you. Just ask.

Vote for the Straight Spouse Network.

Every. Single. Day.

Because we’re not as cute as blind cats, and we need a lot more help.

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