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Podcast of Amity Buxton, Founder of Straight Spouse Network

Posted by on Sep 16, 2008 in Blog | 0 comments

Many straight spouses find Amity Buxton’s book The Other Side of the Closet, when they first begin their journey of discovery/disclosure. Amity is the founder of the Straight Spouse network. To hear a podcast of Amity’s discussion the process of the straight spouse’s experience, please visit John Selig’s interview with her on his site “Outspoken”

Amity discusses the phases of anger, grief, pain, and consequences of not having anyone to share the experience with as well as subsequent crises of identity and trust, and the problem of living someone else’s lie. She also discusses the one third of couples who divorce right away, the second third who try to stay married, and separate, and the final third who remain married for several years. Regardless of the eventual outcome, those couples deepen their relationship and create their own authenticity.

Amity also gives a history of the beginnings of the Straight Spouse Network.

A commentary by John Selig of his family’s personal experience also accompanies the podcast. To download the podcast, please click here

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