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Happily Ever After

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Blog | 1 comment

Yes, there is life after the experience that many straight spouses call “The Gay Thing”. There is a happily ever after, and some straight spouses manage to find it together with each other.

Take a look at Hannah and Michael in Australia. In fact, if you live IN Australia, you can take a look at them on the show “Big” on Channel Nine every Wednesday.

Both Hannah and Michael contacted the Straight Spouse Network when their marriages to gay and lesbian spouses broke up. At that time, there were no face to face support groups in Australia, although there were several spouses throughout the country who had connected with us. Hannah and Michael connected online, and together started face to face support groups in Australia.

Of course along with the blooming of a healthy romance, family life, and new friendships came the realization that they had to do something healthy for themselves. Hannah was the first to have gastric sleeve surgery, and has lost a tremendous amount of weight. Michael took it a step further, changing his life on television. Yes, diet, exercise, surgery, and..marriage! Definitely something to live for.

Those of us who attended the Florida gathering last year were so honored to see them wed in a surprise civil ceremony on the beach. It was truly a gift to all of us to see that life, hope, and family do go on, along with regaining health. They later had the big wedding for family and friends in Australia.

Today, the Straight Spouse Network is alive and well in Australia, with face to face groups meeting throughout the country, and an annual gathering in a different state each year. Australian and international straight spouses have found that hidden group communications on Facebook have been a great way to keep in touch and support one another over a distance.

All of us have a tremendous gift in the hope, energy, and healing of these two tremendous people through love, companionship, and honesty.

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