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All contact information is kept strictly confidential.

It would be helpful to let us know the nature of your request. Typical areas of interest include:
  • I'm seeking help
  • I'd like to volunteer
  • I'm seeking information for media
  • I’d like to become a Facilitator or Contact
  • I'd like to receive your newsletter and bulletins (Note: newsletters go out a few times a year.  Bulletins go out about monthy)
  • Please have your communications director contact me
  • Other
Please indicate your interest in the subject line.

If you are seeking help, a member of our Triage Team will return your call or email as soon as possible.

If you would prefer, please call 773/413-8213.

Our mailing address is:

Straight Spouse Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 4985
Chicago, IL 60680

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