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How to Find Support

How to Find Support

You’ve discovered that your spouse is gay; maybe they came out voluntarily, or you found the evidence yourself.  Maybe you’re not sure your spouse is gay, but need to talk to someone about your suspicions. Either way, you need to sort out your feelings, decide how you want to proceed. But one of the most difficult things is the sense that you are all alone in this.

The Straight Spouse Network is here for you, with personal contacts throughout the United States and around the world. Contacting us is the first step to discovering that you are not alone. We have a wide variety of support options and services available.  For those who want to research the topics of being married to a closeted gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender person, this website has a wide range of in-depth material at your fingertips and many links to outside organizations that deal with similar issues. Once you are ready, there are a number of what we call “Face2Face” options where you make contact with a qualified volunteer or join one of the many local support groups located around the US and the world.

Here is an overview of the support options available.

  • A Qualified Straight Spouse Network Volunteer – Your First Responder
    When you call or email the Straight Spouse Network, you have your first opportunity to share a little about your situation or experience with a fellow Straight Spouse. We respond to your emails and phone calls as soon as possible. Your first responder will give you the name and email address of the person who is your closest qualified Support Group Facilitator or Support Contact. You can then reach out to your assigned contact.  They will begin communicating with you and will give you information on support group meetings and events. Through them you will also receive our newsletters and other communications.
    ALL emails/calls are kept strictly confidential. To be put in touch with one of these contacts please use the link to the contact form below.

    • Click Contact Us to use our email form
    • Or phone us at (773) 413-8213
  • Join the Support Group!  Support group are led by a Straight Spouse Network qualified Facilitator. They have been through the Straight Spouse Experience and come out the other side. They have been through an application process and have met specific criteria.
  • Meetings give everyone the opportunity to share with others who have been through or are going through the same experiences. This is where you find the support and understanding you need. You can discuss how you, your children, your extended family and friends are affected by this turn of events. As group meetings progress, participants help one another by examining further issues everyone faces.  ALL support group meetings are confidential.  
    • Click here to learn more about support groups and see if there is a local support group in your area.
    • Click Contact Us to use our email form to express interest or answer questions
    • Or phone us at (773) 413-8213
  • Straight Spouse Network Open Forum – Several years ago, one of our board members saw that there was a need for an “open” forum or list where anyone could post questions and make comments about straight spouse issues without having to join an email support list. The Straight Spouse Network “Open” Forum came about as a result.This forum can be an excellent resource to ask questions and learn about various situations in which we find ourselves. However, we caution you that it is an “open” forum. It is not in any way confidential. Any one can post. A number of LGBT people post on this forum fairly regularly to share their side of the experience.
    • Click here to go directly to the Straight Spouse Network Open Forum
  • Online Resources – Straight Spouse Network maintains an extensive library of online resources, ranging from personal stories of other people who have gone through similar experiences, book resources and reviews for adults and children, online blogs and forums and much more.
    • Click Resources to go to the online resource section.

If you would like to help.

  • We have many ways you can help ranging from donations to volunteering your time.  You can see the options on our How You Can Help page.
  • If you are interesting in becoming a Qualified Straight Spouse Network Volunteer or Qualified Group Facilitator, please fill out the Facilitator/Contact Application form at this link.

Privacy Policy

Individual information is used only so we can get in touch with you and provide you with support and/or resources.  We absolutely, positively, will not release or provide your contact information to ANY outside person or agency without your express permission.