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What We Do

What We Do

. . . is really very simple.  We are here to support you.

Taking care of yourself should be a priority at this point in your journey.  It can be very easy to allow yourself to be caught up in taking care of your spouse/partner or your children rather than taking care of yourself.

But we are here to help you do just that: help you take care of yourself.

Here’s how we help you help yourself.

  • We Reach Out

When you place that first call or email, we reach out first,  personally, always confidentially, to let you know that help is available in many forms, ranging from individual contacts to local groups to a wide variety of online resources on this website and others.  Read more.

  • We Provide Places to Connect

We have support groups located around the world.  To see if one is located near you and learn more about what happens at a typical meeting click here.

  • We Provide Support Resources

On this website we have an incredible array resources including extensive readings material, a very broad FAQ section, personal stories from others in similar situations and much more.  For more on what is available, click here.

  • We Help Maintain and Grow the Network

Since we are primarily an organization of volunteers, we depend on the generosity of others to thrive and grow.  To learn more about the many ways you can help such as volunteering your time, or helping with a donation, or other opportunities, click here.