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We Help Maintain and Grow the Network

We do this by:

  • Focusing on the Straight Spouse Network’s mission of reaching out, healing and building bridges

  • Effectively employing the resources of our small, dedicated paid staff, all of whom are Straight Spouses themselves, to:
    • Coordinate the efforts of our nearly 100 Face2Face Support Groups located around the world
    • Recruit, organize, and train our extensive network of dedicated volunteers
    • Develop programs of support, education and advocacy that address the Straight Spouse Network's mission
    • Collaborate with other non-profits in furthering the mission of the Straight Spouse Network
    • Develop and expand public relations activities, communicate with Facilitators and Support Contacts, produce informative publications and news bulletins

  • Working with the Founder, Board Fundraising Committee, and Development consultants to raise funds so that the Straight Spouse Network can maintain its current services and grow to meet the increasing needs of Straight Spouses or partners and their families.