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We Provide Places to Connect

The Straight Spouse Network has a number of both "face-to-face" and online 
alternatives to connect with others that have had, or are having, similar experiences:

Face2Face Support Groups
Straight Spouse Network has support groups located throughout North America (US and Canada) and Europe, and one in Australia.

The purpose of the groups is to give support and understanding to Straight Spouses who are dealing with all the difficult and confusing issues they all share in common.  Group meetings are typically held at a group leader’s residence, sometimes at a group member’s home or a semi-private venue, such as a restaurant (for a more informal, social gathering).

  • To learn more about Face2Face groups, click here.

Straight Spouse Network Open Forum
This forum can be an excellent resource to ask questions and learn about various situations in which we find ourselves. However, we caution you that it is an “open” forum.  It is not in any way confidential. Any one can post. A number of LGBT people post on this forum fairly regularly to share their side of the experience.

  • Click here to go directly to the Straight Spouse Network Open Forum

Online Groups

There are literally dozens of on-line email support lists covering a broad range of topics.

  • To learn more about the online groups linked through this website, click here.