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We Reach Out

We Reach Out

We Reach Out 

One of the most difficult things you feel is that you’re alone in this. Your husband is having sex with men. Your wife said she’s in love with a woman. Who can you talk to about that? Discussing it with someone who has been through the same experience is one of the most important things you can do. When you find us, we reach out to you right away. You’ll get information at once for a Support Contact whom you can call or request that they contact you.There are Straight Spouse Network contacts throughout the United States and around the world. To find a contact close to you, fill out the form on the Contact Us page. If you would prefer not to give your name and email address, you can contact us directly by telephone at 773/413-8213.

Support options and services 

You can join the support group closest to your location. If you don’t live in an area where a support group meets, you may be able to find a Face-to-Face contact. If there isn’t Face-to-Face contact nearby, you can still continue phone and/or email communication with your Support Contact; your personal facilitator.

Support Contacts, Face-to-face Contacts and Support Group Facilitators are straight spouses themselves; seasoned Straight Spouse Network volunteers who have been approved by the Executive Director, after an in-depth qualification process. They have gone through the experience of discovering a spouse is gay or lesbian, have resolved their issues and successfully moved on. You can discuss how you, your children, your extended family and friends are affected by a spouse’s coming out of the closet. As conversations and group meetings progress, participants help one another by examining related issues everyone faces and discussing how they can be dealt with. ALL contact activity is confidential. Click here to learn more about Face-to-Face Contact or local Support Groups.

Click here to learn more about local Face2Face support groups.

    • Straight Spouse Network Open ForumYou can communicate with other Straights on our forum. This can be an excellent venue for asking questions and learning about various situations in which we find ourselves. However, this is an “open” forum; it is not in any way confidential. Any one can post. A number of LGBT people post on this forum fairly regularly to share their side of the experience. Click here to go directly to the Straight Spouse Network Open Forum.
      • Click here to go directly to the Straight Spouse Network Open Forum.
  • Online ResourcesStraight Spouse Network maintains an extensive library of online resources, including Videos, personal stories of other Straights, books recommendations for adults and children, materials on the topics of being married to a closeted gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person. Visit Straight Talk Blogs where you can find links to outside organizations that deal with related issues such as being On The Down Low, Children of Gay Parents and more. Click Resources to go to the online resource section.
    • Click Resources to go to the online resource section.