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Straight Spouse Network is a 501 (c)(3) organization.

The organization is governed by the Board of Directors and is primarily staffed by volunteers at the local level, under the direction of the Executive Director.  The Executive Director works to ensure that the Straight Spouse Network's mission of reaching out, healing and building bridges is being met. Working with the Founder, the Board President, and the Board of Directors, the executive director continues to establish and monitor Straight Spouse Network objectives and direct all aspects of operations. The director develops programs of support, education and advocacy that address the Straight Spouse Network's mission and will supervise staff implementation of these programs.  The executiv director also drafts the annual budget for board approval, administer expenditures, and prepare progress reports for the Board of Directors and public presentations.

The executive director also works with the founder to continue collaboration with other non-profits in furthering the mission of the Straight Spouse Network and to develop and expand public relations activities. Finally, yet of utmost importance, the executive director is heavily involved in fundraising, working with the Founder, Board Fundraising Committee, and Development consultants to double the funds raised so that the Straight Spouse Network can maintain its current services and grow to meet the increasing needs of straight spouses or partners and their families.